Additional Help For the Hopper-style Electric Cigarette Machine


Trouble Shooting:

The motor does not run Plug the machine in to a regular outlet

Keep the Start button pushed at all times while making cigarettes

Clean the auger from excess tobacco and see Section A, B below

The cherry is falling off, or the density is not good You need to change your tobacco to those manufactured for electric cigarette machines

Read the info on the website (script) from one of our customers:

To those that complain about losing the "cherry" on your cigs, it is not the machines fault. The tobacco does not have the added chemicals that the cig companies use to make the stuff stick together. Also, the blank tubes are bigger around than a conventional pre-made cigarette and makes it easier to lose the ash/cherry when smoking. Use a moister tobacco and experiment with the packing setting to get a better smoke. Remember, ALL cigarettes used to be this way back in the day before Big Tobacco started adding all the chemical crap and making cigs smaller. As for the machine, it's a good product for the price!!

The machine makes a loud noise Lubricate the auger with AW-40 or other type of lubricant

Section A.

The motor does not work.

It is likely that some excess tobacco entered the motor area and it deactivated the switch.

In this case, first unplug the machine.

Second, remove the four screws on the bottom of the unit:

Third, push the top forward to open it:

Forth, vacuum the tobacco from the motor area:


Section B

The plug is not connecting properly to your wall outlet and therefore it does not get electricity:

Solution: pull the metal terminals a little bit apart from each other by hand.

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